the beginning

christina3Little did I know that my career began the moment my parents divorced. I was nine years old and I was living with my father. He didn’t know how to cook, how to put my hair in a bun for ballet class or how to manage a home and a career – there were numerous teaching moments for both of us, over the years. But there is one day that stands out …

A few packages, actually large boxes, came to the door and my father’s face lit up – and when he gets excited about something you know it! It was the Better Homes & Gardens cookbook collection that he ordered. And when I say collection I mean a collection of at least 40 cookbooks!

I preceded to watch him learn how to cook for us and I was always willing to be his taste tester/sous chef. I learned how to cook alongside his adventures in the kitchen. Ketchup on the ceiling, endless stains on shirts, burned fingers and happy bellies. The memories are truly endless.

As I walk through life I tend to hear some things repeatedly and as I mature I have decided that I need to listen to these clear, persistent messages. And it starts right here with asavourylife.

This is where I will share my passion for food and the emotional connections that both enlighten and plague us daily. My ‘dear abbey’ moments and my favourite recipes will nourish from the inside out.

with love and warmth,