to love

I am dedicating these ‘love letters’ to all of my girlfriends who’ve cried on my shoulder, to my parents who fell apart years ago, and to my husband for many years of a beautiful life together. All of these people have taught me enormous lessons. These messages constantly deliver instant clarity, heart wrenching truths, and reflections that run deep.  And yes, it often happens over a cup of coffee (with a high priority on the bean)!


This roller coaster called LIFE is worth talking about. We are given this blessing to walk through life, to meet the people that we meet, and to experience all kinds of love and lose … should we not pass it along? Not with the intention to hurt less, but to comfort. Not with the intention to save the broken heart, but to support it. And not with the intention to save them from jumping, but to catch them when they fall.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some lessons that will be shared and will be learnt from. Like the golden rules that say; don’t let your girlfriends walk to their car alone, don’t sleep with a married man, and last but not least don’t cook bacon in the nude!

In all seriousness,  as I mentioned in the ‘about me‘ section, I have this fairly constant relationship with intimate stories from friends and strangers alike – it’s time to start documenting and sharing these moments so that we can all experience the love, kindness, heartache and truth that floats around us.

I am taking these moments that I experience and I am documenting them in both short story and journal entry style.

I hope that these short stories will inspire you, make you laugh, and hand you a Kleenex when you need one.

in warmth and love,